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Video Podcasting Best Practices Making Successful Podcasts

By: Deloras Goldsbrough
For : Marlon and Francisca Prindle Inc.
Date Added : December 23, 2015 Views : 39
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Podcast Pioneer Offers Comprehensive Online Course for Podcast BeginnersSeptember 14, 2015 – Scott Patton, a well known pioneer of podcasting, is offering the latest upgraded version of his very popular "How to Start Podcasting" course. This course offers at least 10 hours’ worth of instructional videos and includes at least 71 lectures. Offered on Udemy, it is available on Android and iOS devices, and a certificate of completion is awarded afterwards. "Podcasts are surprisingly not as popular among businesses today, but they’re very popular among listeners," reveals Scott Patton, the one and only Dean of Blogonomics and Podology who serves as chief instructor for the course. "In fact, podcasts are so popular that as many as 39 million people listen to podcasts each month."The course covers every facet of podcasting, starting with learning the technical details of creating a podcast. The course also helps students find suitable topics for their chosen niches. "One of the best things about this course is that it is designed for all levels, which means beginners as well as advanced podcasters can learn something new," assures Patton. "All a student really needs is a basic understanding of the Internet, and of course a strong desire to learn all about podcasting."The course starts with an explanation of the benefits of podcasting, and continues with lectures regarding the steps needed to setup and create a podcast. These lectures are all practical and specific, so that students have all the information they need to begin. "We teach our students how to set up their podcast profile, to upload their first podcast, to make use of popular keywords, and to check a checklist we’ve created to make sure that everything goes smoothly," says Patton. "We even offer an established podcast host that is free for our students."Part of the course includes discussions on which microphones to use, what intros and "extros" are, and how Skype can be used to conduct interviews around the world. Other programs discussed include Call Recorder, Powergamo, and Garageband. "The course walks a student on the various steps needed to make their first podcast, and we even show how YouTube can be used to create an audio podcast," says Patton. A series of lectures also discuss iTunes extensively. Other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are also covered. "We cover the importance of how an RSS feed contributes to the success of a podcast, and we also reveal to students a secret way to let iTunes know when a student has posted a new podcast," adds Patton. "We offer a comprehensive tour of iTunes for podcasters, and we also have a lecture on explaining about a free service of Google that helps when a student changes hosting companies."About "How to Start Podcasting": This educational resource covers everything that a beginner may want to know about podcasting, and it contains materials that even experienced podcasters will want to learn. This online course comes with a lifetime access to the material, and students may also avail of the 30-day money back guarantee.If you loved this short article and you would like to receive more details relating to best podcast microphone kindly visit our own internet site.

Hello, I'm Marlon, a 25 year old from Proves, Italy. My hobbies include (but are not limited to) Woodworking, Vintage car and watching The Big Bang Theory.

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