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Startup company launches offering SAFE hoverboards to the United Kingdom

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London UK – UK based online retailer '' has announced the launch of Rolab LTD. The startup company purpose is to provide safe hoverboards to the United Kingdom. Hoverboards where introduced to the UK in 2015, unfortunately the hoverboards entering the United Kingdom where not built to UK standards – this led to house fires and harm to users. Rolab hope to offer a solution to buyers who are still searching for a safe hoverboard from a reliable source. Unlike short-term sellers, Rolab have designed and produced a hoverboard that meets and surpasses all UK standards. Rolab boast over 100 pages of testing documentation, including; CE, MSDS, FCC and BS 1363. The first hoverboard model available from Rolab is named the ‘Rolab R1’. This hoverboard has also been tested and approved by UK trading standards. The R1 is powered by Samsung lithium-ion batteries, the range per charge of the R1 hoverboard out performs current segways in the market. The use of the Samsung batteries also assures fire safety of the device. Dual 350W motors are utilised in the R1 allowing the board to achieve max speeds of 12km/h whilst allowing for a responsive and smooth ride. The R1 hoverboard is also available in 7 colours; black, white, blue, red, green gold and pink. Richard King, CEO at commented: “We're really excited to see our hard work come together in the form of the Rolab R1 Hoverboard, we hope to provide the R1 board to families throughout the United Kingdom”. offers secure PayPal payment options, free 24-hour delivery and a 1-year warranty with all hoverboards. The 1-year warranty covers any defects that may develop during use. Rolab will be offering a free repair service for such defects. To find out more about the Rolab R1 hoverboard or to place an order, please visit the official product page at Media Contact: Richard King Telephone: 01616671475 Email: Website:

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