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ShieldApps adds Android Protection to its Privacy Suite

By: Jelena Jovanovic
For : ShieldApps
Date Added : August 17, 2017 Views : 8
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PROTECTING YOUR ANDROID DEVIE’S PERSONAL INFORMATION Just a few months after announcing its cross-device expansion into the Android market, ShieldApps has released a mobile version of its top-seller PC Privacy Shield, “Mobile Privacy Shield” that said to protect one’s mobile device from potential privacy concerns and personal data leakage originating in 3rd party applications installed on the device. For those familiar with ShieldApps’ portfolio, PC Privacy Shield has been a top-performer for a couple of years now, offering vast computer protection from various digital privacy risks, reducing the chances of identity theft, credit card scams, and general private information abuse. Its Android version, Mobile Privacy Shield carries the same approach and protection values, yet is customized to match the specific Android market and devices needs and attributes. Mobile Privacy Shield scans and detects various privacy threats, including odd/risky permission settings, and features a camera and microphone blocker to offer a true-privacy block to your device. Furthermore, each application is scanned for potential privacy leaks in both its settings and technical attributes. “There is still a long way for us to go when it comes to the Android market’s potential and needs, but as far as our commitment to our customers is concerned, we have accomplished a significant goal – offering them a more complete protection service, covering their Android devices as well from here on.” Noted Moshe Layani, ShieldApps’ President. A MUST-HAVE TO ALL ANDROID DEVICE OWNERS Mobile Privacy Shield is now available from both ShieldApps Software Innovations’ website as well as their official Google Play Store channel. The first 15 days are fully-featured and free, after which users will be able to choose between, a monthly and a yearly subscription. Mobile Privacy Shield is Available Here: About ShieldApps ShieldApps has over ten years of experience in the software development and distribution markets. ShieldApps has established a spotless reputation within the tech industry by not only supplying multiple national and international companies with its’ products but also by providing countless consumers with top-tier products while maintaining its’ core values and vision at all times. ShieldApps’ portfolio includes antivirus and antimalware software, ransomware protection software, privacy enhancement applications, password management and recovery tools and hard disk maintenance tools. Contact ShieldApps 5042 Wilshire Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90036 +1 949 207 9949

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