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Photo Restoration Can Save Irreplaceable Family Pictures

By: aaa aaa
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Bellevue, WA - If a family had to quickly evacuate their home for some reason and could only take one box of valuables, be assured family pictures would rank high for being in that box. There is a dilemma, however.  Most family photos are not protected against losses.  Typically, there is one copy either framed, in a photo album, or in a box somewhere.  One disaster could destroy irreplacable family pictures forever. Another aspect for old family pictures at risk, is that of loss due to aging.  Photographs start to deteriorate typically with yellowing, fading, odd colors developing, and other issues.  If damage gets too sereve, that old picture might not be restorable.  The earlier a photo is restored, the better the end result will be. Additional benefits to old picture restoration services are: - Creates a digital copy that provides additional levels of protection from damage or loss. - Makes it easier to share with friends and family who might also want a copy. - Makes meaningful gifts for all types of special occasions, like birthdays, holidays, reunions, or anniversaries. Especially for loved ones who are difficult to shop for. - Brings the quality of treasured old pictures back, to be enjoyed for future generations in years to come. - Preserves pictorial family history. Old Picture Restoration Services: This is an art-form to us.  Each picture is restored carefully one at a time.  We work digitally so originals never leave customer's possession, nor are altered.  Visit Old Picture Restore for further information. Contact: Valerie Garner Company: Old Picture Restoration Services Phone: 9712361986 Email: Website:

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