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By: Carmon Marra
For : Carmon and Lizette Marra Inc.
Date Added : April 21, 2017 Views : 6
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Dear moderator, distinguished colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, is glad to have this opportunity in this place, our Chemical industry M & A Summit provided me the opportunity of a presentation the sky, today I focus on four aspects of presentation, the first one is the sky briefly review the development of the past few years. Secondly, the major M & A ideas and practices. Third, M & A should be dealing with several important relations. Finally, there is a conclusion.First, a brief overview of the development in recent years Yuntianhua Review Group. Yuntianhua Group is Yuntianhua Group Co., Ltd. is the parent company, holding a number of manufacturing industry groups operating subsidiaries, its parent company, formerly known as Yunnan, natural gas plants, is the country of the last century the mid 70s sets from abroad design building, built in 1974, the first unit went into operation in 1977. In 1997, the sky of restructuring for the Yunnan provincial government authorized to operate state-owned limited liability company, the development of the reform is the sky turning point, marked the beginning of the business case of doing a good job, starting a variety of ways to go low-cost development. Especially in the new century, the sky of a series of major groups seize the historical opportunity, around a center, is doing everything possible to improve business competitiveness, especially in the core competitiveness, and to seize the two main lines, one is structural adjustment, One is the deepening of reform. Rely on technological innovation, system innovation, management innovation, the implementation of four strategies to coal, related diversified industrial development strategy, the second is focused on increasing production and reducing consumption of technology strategy, the third is an important means of industrial policy low-cost expansion strategy, the fact that mergers and acquisitions. Resource control is the focus of resource integration strategy. At the same time promoting the five supporting measures, which is five supporting measures a capital operation, focusing on continuous optimization of corporate capital structure and financing structure. The second is a group management as the core group of continuous improvement of enterprise management and control system. Third is an important means of information into, and continuously promote the management level. Fourth, to deepen the internal reform-driven, continuous work force, optimizing internal mechanisms. Fifth, the premise of the enterprise stability, properly handle the business by storm, rescue and placement of surplus employees diversion. Through a series of measures implemented, business operation and reform of development to a new level. From 2002 to the end of last year, seven years, the entire group, whether Yuntianhua Sell Income, total profits, profits and taxes, including the industrial added value is double-digit growth. Sales revenue increased by 27 times in seven years, because last year by the total profit Financial Crisis, the year before last was 20 million, last year was 874 million, realizing profits of 3.57 billion is 22 times, the industrial added value from 330 to 6200 million at that time.If you cherished this article and also you would like to acquire more info with regards to quạt làm mát không khí kindly visit our web site.

My name is Carmon and I am studying Anthropology and Sociology and Film Studies at Cresciano / Switzerland.

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