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MSS Software Announces UltraRugged Mobile RFID Tag Readers

By: Stsd SDsdd
For : MSS Software
Date Added : February 2, 2017 Views : 12
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MSS Software, a barcode solutions provider specializing in barcode rental equipment, has begun selling mobile RFID tag reader equipment to customers through their website. The RFID tag readers are used by individuals and businesses for purposes related to asset tracking, people tracking and item tracking. MSS Software’s RFID-Barcode Tracking Kit is listed as a portable, mobile RFID reader that serves the function of scanning RFID tags. According to MSS Software , a primary feature of the device is the ability of users to customize and configure the tracker to read and write RFID tags as well as barcodes. The barcode solutions company also emphasizes the range of the device, noting its ability to read RFID tags, depending on the type of tag, from distances as far away as 20 feet. The RFID-Barcode Tracking Kit is reported by MSS Software to be particularly useful in the effort of maintaining inventory across multiple locations; this is due to its small size and portability. Among the additional features of the device listed is its versatility in collecting, storing and transferring data. The device’s system is noted to be able to save collected data in multiple formats and send the data in a variety of ways: via USB, ethernet, WIFI and more. The barcode tracking kit includes an RFID mobile computer that is particularly notable for its convenience and portability, according to information provided by MSS Software. The computer is stated to be designed for the demanding environments that are often associated with the inventory tracking process. Further description of the computer’s design makes mention of its rugged nature; despite its ability to provide the advanced technology and capability of computer, its industrial grade materials and ergonomics make it easy to use in a variety of environments, including poor lighting. Its advanced imaging even eliminates problems from damaged barcodes, scanning them with ease. Further details can be found at Beyond RFID tag reader equipment, MSS Software also provides their clients with a variety of other barcode readers, scanners, printers and software. Clients will frequently rent this equipment for tracking purposes at events like conferences or trade shows. The barcode solutions company frequently provides custom packages of software and equipment for clients with specialty data collection requirements. MSS Software has provided state-of-the-art data collection equipment and solutions for over twenty years. The company prides itself on linking customers with the right equipment for their needs. In the past, the company has worked with clients ranging from large government entities and organizations to small businesses. For more information on their barcode tracking equipment or for a free consultation, the company may be contacted using the information below. CONTACT: MSS Software Address: 10394 Democracy Lane, Fairfax, VA 22030 Phone: 1.800.428.6643 Email: Website:

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