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Ikeji Linda Blog Shutdown Scam To Resurrect A Blog That Is Dying By Kunle Olomofe

By: Alfie Winder
For : Kassandra and Linnie Laura AG
Date Added : October 23, 2015 Views : 35
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In the event you're online, particularly on social media sites and Twitter, in the past couple of weeks, you'd have probably witnessed the whole Linda Ikeji website shutdown brouhaha.Being such a web log that is renowned, when site goes down, folks go into rumor mode panic mode, accusation mode, and all manner of ideas and the blogosphere will fill just to make sense of it all.Over a very short 24 - 72 hour interval, even those who'd never heard of her site's success or Linda Ikeji were made to pay attention to the drama of Google's shutdown of a well-known website.Add to that, scandalous claims, and back and forth write ups assaulting and defending the subject of the abrupt take down, and you also have what we in the business of Internet marketing and web pr often refer to as "The Perfect Storm".You see, the end result of a brouhaha like that's generally only one major thing: instantaneous fame locally and over the planet via social media along with the overall web, constant site visits to the affected domain name to the tens of thousands (and quite possibly millions), and the ultimate short and long term branding of a name some may have either forgotten, never heard of before, or were not completely focused on for months or years.Using a scandal such as this, that was unexpectedly "cleared up" within mere hours by a sudden confession from the very man who claims to have began the assaults that led to this media circus, you gain at no cost, the sort of marketing some firms have to pay thousands of DOLLARS on throughout a complete year to get even close to the form of instant acclaim that has been generated here within just hours.And for me, that threw up some red flags forthwith, and prompted an immediate investigation into whether this may have become the publicity stunt of 2014 played out so far, fairly before our very eyes.Before I continue, I would like to make it clear that I honor anyone, particularly in this case a person like Linda Ikeji, who puts their name out there in front of countless people around the globe as valid web entrepreneurs.Why?So, I must make it crystal clear that this is certainly not an individual attack targeted at Linda Ikeji or her pals.I had been in truth among the hundreds or thousands who publicly sent Linda tweets showing support throughout a time that is difficult. Which explains the reason why I deeply curious, was alarmed, worried, and rather honestly disappointed from the saga that the Ikeji-Aye Dee incident created.To have my trust and interest with like that's NOT something, toyed Linda should take. Actually, I believe ardently that an open letter of apology still needs to be written to all devotees and well-wishers who have been deceived into buying this scandal in any way.Which feel as though we were all played and all this sound was made to force countless individuals to pay attention to the Linda Ikeji site.So, What Happened Here? Were Nigerians scammed into believing a falling out that is fabricated just to get Linda's ratings & site visits upward? I realize that's a bold accusation and it is NOT made by me lightly.Which thus humbly invite Aye Dee and Linda to answer because I have some fairly startling, though notional, advice to share that requires their input to be clarified should they so desire.Inconclusive EvidenceAfter some research, Which discovered that the Linda Ikeji blog were losing site visits estimated into the hundreds of thousands monthly on the past 13 months to the tune of close to 1 million monthly site visits lost within that point. The screen shot on the web link below is from a little known Internet-based investigative site which estimates (from the external) the variety of non-unique visits. Begin to see the screenshot here.Linda's blog visits seem to have been on a steady decline for over per year, as you can see in the picture shown above.If this approximation is accurate to any level, then it makes sense that if her blog's popularity was on a steady decline, it might only be wise to make a move urgently to ensure those valuable site visits are immediately restored or even drastically improved, to block off any loss or possible lack of income as an outcome of less and less traffic visiting Linda's blog.Now as I stated, it is a speculative tax write-off as I'm not an inside source and have not performed inside forensic evaluation on her website traffic or income from her site.Did Linda and/or her buddy Aye Dee then plan a fictitious reason to regain the lost attention to Linda's site and see this continuous decreasing trend and even catapult it to greater acclaim than it had in the past? You need to agree this is a chance particularly in light of the "confession" by Aye Dee along with a clarification of whether or not the trust of loyal readers has in any way been tampered with in an attempt to rescue a slowly dying site.The domain name change in the complimentary URL as we all concur (Linda comprised) is a thing that should have taken place much earlier than it eventually did. Nonetheless according to Linda's own statements, she never bothered to make the change since most of her obvious choices had recently been taken up by cybersquatters. Well, it turns out that one among those cybersquatters was her mentor and buddy Aye Dee. So then I am forced to ask the following somewhat obvious question...Why on earth would a mentor and friend buy a relevant domain name years before their alleged rift rather than pass his buddy and mentee that for her needs that are required?It just doesn't add up that Aye Dee purchased such a precious domain name ( since 2011 and yet did not release it to his pal instantly upon his purchase when it made sense to do so. Now, three years or so later, that same domain name is what her mentor offers as part of a peace offering to "help Linda get her blog back on top".Something is definitely not out of whack there.My theory: Either Linda or Aye Dee or both decided merely after a scandal like what we just experienced would push the world to pay attention to Linda's blog at time, it would be better to effect the domain change.Wait for the latter?Well, remember that Linda's blog was already monthly, haemorrhaging huge amounts of traffic and/or visits. It would so be foolhardy and completely dangerous to effect a domain name change that could simply and very likely result in even greater decline of traffic.Lots of people simply won't trouble.So, rather than risk further heavy losses in traffic, it might make sense to for example to create a situation in which all eyes would be on the old site's domain name being shut down, and then Linda would of course be forced to discover a fresh name and relocate in order to carry along all her old and new subscribers.The incidents of the past few days and weeks seem too much like a set up to invoke interest in a dying site and make a needed change without risking any loss and therefore income.I thus encourage Linda and pals to clear up any misconceptions their activities over these previous days may have created.Was this scandal actual or faked?If it was falsified afterward that is a breach of trust and ought to never happen again as if that form of treachery is permitted to really go on unchecked many more will shortly follow maybe from the subject of this post and thousands more bloggers and site owners who would easily do anything illegal or unethical simply to get focus and also make a fast buck or two.If not one of the activities taken were as an outcome of a conspiracy to defraud the general public into believing rocus that is bogus , then please make an effort to prove what happened wasn't pre-planned.How? Reveal screen shots of the traffic of a thriving site, show evidence of messages that Aye Dee asserts to have sent a year or so past proving this was not a recent development that has been intended to garner undeserved attention. Share some other evidence which can be showcased for the public's own scrutiny.All this is important to guarantee others' activities at getting justice from websites like Google, attracting deserved attention and gaining popularity through ethical means are not lumped into an adverse carton alongside falsified plagiarism claims as may be the case here, and possibly Unknown falsified scandals.For the belief in the ethics of Internet entrepreneurs especially's guarantee, this dilemma should never be swept beneath the carpet.

You can call me Linda Ikeji and I hail from Nkwerre in Imo. I am a celebrity blogger who runs the blog which specialises in lifestyle and events. I'm 35 years old and I have never...never ever in my life slept with a guy for money. Not only have I never done it, I haven't even contemplate it...and here I'm with a house that cost me over half a billion naira. I am writer, a Nigerian blogger, model and entrepreneur who's best known for my media contributions and my co

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