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How Cybersquatters Maintained All Of Linda Ikejis Domain Names

By: Kristine Freese
For : Doyle and Audry McKenny Inc.
Date Added : October 21, 2015 Views : 125845
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Cybersquatters Maintained All Of Linda Ikeji's Domain NamesIt did not matter that the site was hosted on Blogger, and that it'd a URL that is unintuitive. Consistently one of Nigeria's most trafficked sites, LIB insanely successful.If it ain't broken, don't fix it, right?The website of Linda Ikeji has been pulled down by Google on account of alleged copyright infringements. It is not certain if it ever will be, or really when the website will be reinstated. Linda appears to be in the process of setting up a brand new web site and generally seems to be conscious of this possibility.The problem is, she has no domain name to even start with. Not one that is not inconvenient. Right now, all of Linda Ikeji's domain names are belong to somebody else.* How the hell did this occur? How could Linda look on while her domain names were getting nabbed by squatters? One could be enticed to leap to the hasty conclusion that she was extremely negligent, but in case you look closely, and think about it, she wasn't probably was not more careless than the average blogger on the web with just enough internet savvy to set up a blogspot. From reports of individuals comfortable with her, the success of LIB surprised Linda herself. One thing led to another and she's in this situation. Linda started blogging in 2006. She is possibly the first, and among the first bloggers in Nigeria to take it seriously. In 2006, nobody was thinking of acquiring domain names. Except maybe they were Seun Osewa.By 2007, Linda had attracted her first squatter, and they went for the jugular. One Jonathan Santos from Belize acquired At the time, it must have looked just like a joke, but that error is one that has undoubtedly been keeping her awake for recent days, and must have haunted Linda for the previous seven years. Whoever Jonathan Santos is, something led them to make the stake and about LIB at the time must have tipped them off to its potential. Sources close to Linda say that Santos offered her the domain at a premium of between $2,000 to $5,000 a few years ago. But she passed, refusing to be extorted. Regrettably, the more successful Linda Ikeji is, the more valuable and thus pricey will get. The domain is parked, making cents that were adsense, but it seems that Jonathan Santos WOn't part with it for anything less than $20,000. Linda's present copyright plight has clearly upped the ante.If Linda'd had the foresight to buy before Santos did, most of the present play could have already been averted. Even in case the blogspot does not survive Google's crack down, it'd simply be a question of salvaging what content she can, porting it to a new content management system and changing nameservers.Hello, Mr. EfremovBut what of the other domains? At first, nobody was interested. But by 2011, not only LIB do crazy amounts of traffic, advertisers were also lining up to pay for marketing. The site of Linda presented such a huge goal that cybersquatters could no more ignore all those unclaimed domain names.It gets better. This is actually exactly the same person that played the pivotal part in getting the site taken down by Google of Linda if that is true. His copyright infringement claims appear legitimate, but does not being in possession of an important domain name of Linda's get you wonder if this is not a case of cybersquatting gone bad, turned shakedown although on its face, turned scorched earth warfare?New York based Uduak Uduok penned a blog post that produces a strong claim for it, cyber attorney. According to that particular article, Emmanuel Efremov has previously been been found to have wrongfully squatted on a Volkswagen domain name.For what it's worth, now levels to the year 2012, Twinpine's Ayodeji Balogun registered The site scrapes LIB content and overlays it with Twinpine marketing. I'm guessing because at one point after her blog was taken down, she directed her readers to go there, they have the approval of Linda.One by one, the domain names of Linda have been picked off. Right in the middle one, of the copyright snafu Abiodun Balogun chose to catch as he could, as many lindaikeji domain names. This one only bought his own yesterday.The fight had recently been lost since 2007. If the legitimate owner of a brand owns the .com, there is practically zero incentive to squat on the other domains. Linda doesn't own her dot com, so the squatters likely figure there's a chance she will pony up some cash for the ones they are holding.I'm willing to wager that Linda can get over half of these domain names in a fraction of the cost that they'd be prepared to pawn it to her, and back if she actually wants to. With a great lawyer, cash (because lawyers do not work for free), and tons of patience -- it could take a while.Meanwhile, she appears to be resolute in her choice not to enrich those pesky cybersquatters.Anyway, I will locate one bizarre LindaIkeji name and let y'all know shortly where I'm moving to. I don't need to give any of these men of buying those names from them the enjoyment.Hmm. It appears that fella was destined to beat on that "investment". However, what do I know? I'm content to keep finding.If the lesson here isn't clear, here it's. If you plan on being successful in company and life, please register your domains, corporate and personal. Preferably a dot com. Or something close. Well, you are simply going to need to register all for those who have international aspirations. No jokes. Konga and Rocket Internet are locked within an increasingly bitter dispute over Konga domain names that the latter registered in 2012 across ten African states.

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