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By: Sanora Darby
For : Vanita and Milagro Bartos KG
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Since the day I touched her, things were different between Julie and I in an amazing way. We still only saw each other in passing, and we still waved. But she always took her sunglasses off when she looked at me, and she looked at me in very purposeful way. Always now with knowing narrowed eyes and a relaxed smile. I'm sure she knew what it did to me, and it was exactly what she wanted to do to me. I kept my distance, content to admire her from my vantage point and visit her in my dreams. Plus, she had plenty of suitors. I watched a few of them rotate out as the Summer passed, but one wasn't much different from another. They would stay over when her dad was out of town, drinking and swimming in her backyard. I would look through the fence sometimes, like a regular Peeping Tom. I loved seeing her in the bikinis she wore. I think she knew I watched, or assumed that I did. I held out hope that one of these times she'd decide to go skinny dipping, but I never got so lucky. Plenty of her guy friends shed their shorts, but that wasn't the show I was after. One of those nights became something I'll never forget. Even now I can recreate every moment of that evening in the theater of my mind's eye if I close my eyes. Like the other times, I was watching, invisible, through my fence as she swam and frolicked with her latest boy toy. She was wearing a simple but irresistible black string bikini. They were both drinking Crown Royal and Coke, I could see the purple velvet bag on the table. She was sitting on the edge of the pool dangling her legs in while he swam below her. They were talking in low tones, too low for me to hear anything aside from a brief exclamation or giggle, but I gathered that he was trying to get her to take her bikini off. As always, she flat-out refused. When he finally gave up and swam away, she pulled one leg out of the water and rested her chin on her knee, looking right at me. Could she see me? I knew she couldn't. It was pitch black where I was standing, it wasn't possible. She seemed to be lost in thought. Suddenly she stood up and called out to her friend, "Hey, I just remembered I need to drop off some of the neighbor's mail I got an accident, I'll be right back." Her friend didn't seem happy with it, "What? Now?" "Well I was supposed to do it earlier today and I forgot," she replied, but she had already slipped into her sandals and was sliding the door open to go inside. My heart was beating rapidly all of the sudden. Could she be coming here?! Just in case she was I hustled back inside and turned the TV on to make it look like I wasn't standing in my backyard like a weird creep. My doorbell rang. I waited a beat. Two beats. Don't seem to eager... I opened the door and there she was – still wet from her pool. She had her hands on her hips and one of her legs demurely posed in front of the other – a pose that wasn't any less sexy because she was wavering slightly from the whisky. She spoke before I could say anything, "Dean, do you want to see my titties?" My eyes went wide, my mouth went dry. I think it might have even hung open for a moment before I managed to rasp out, "Yes." She kept her eyes locked on mine as her hands moved up the sides of her body slowly and deliberately. I looked down to watch of course, but I could still feel her eyes on mine, drinking in the way I looked at her body. She might have been enjoying this as much as I was, although I highly doubt that is even possible. Her thumbs hooked under the strings on the sides of her bikini and she popped the whole top up all at once. Her breasts were... I would actually need to make up a new word for how perfect they looked because we don't have one in our language. They were small, with a budding fullness that needed to be gently squeezed. Her nipples were petite and pink, and very pert. And the tan lines... my god... the tan lines. The creamy skin under her suit was a sight reserved for only a few, blending softly into the silky butterscotch color of her tan. And then just like that the bikini was back on. When I looked back in her eyes I saw something there, a hunger maybe? She twisted her shoulders back and forth, her body language telling the story of a conflict inside of her... she wanted more. "Gotta go," she whispered, abruptly spinning and hurrying back towards her house. By the time she got back to her backyard I was back in mine of course. Her friend was floating on a raft, spinning lazily around the shallow end. "Okay!" she called out to him, making his head pop up. "But just this once!" I watched her reach behind her and pull the string of her top to untie it then toss it aside. Then she stripped her bottoms right down to the ground, bending at the waist. She marched over to the pool, her gorgeous body illuminated beautifully by the outdoor lights reflecting off the water. "Damn, baby," her friend said. Damn, indeed. I couldn't wait for her next surprise visit to my house. The Summer droned on, and for part of it the temperature never went below 100 degrees. People from the Central Valley know this weather. It drives us indoors and taxes the air conditioners in our cars. On the worst days even the parks are deserted, everybody fleeing from the bright sunshine that the rest of the world is so jealous of. I saw less of Julie during this heat wave. She didn't tan in her backyard as often, and she went on a camping trip with a group of friends for part of it. But I still had perfect memories of all our encounters, and I could see her perfect tits whenever I wanted to on the back of my eyelids. While Julie was away on her trip, her dad also left to go visit some family back east for a week. He stopped by the house to let me know they would both be gone and to ask if I'd keep an eye on the place for them. They didn't have any dogs or anything, I think he just wanted to make sure I was on the lookout for people that shouldn't be there. I don't think he liked all of Julie's boyfriends all that much, or at least he didn't trust them. Two days after that I came home from work to see Julie's topless Jeep in the driveway next door. She was back from her camping trip and her dad was still gone. I felt a little excitement well up inside of me... I thought maybe there would be another private pool party that I could spy on. That night a little after 9:00 my doorbell rang suddenly. I was watching a movie on the couch and I paused it and listened again. It was too late for me to be expecting anybody... unless! The doorbell rang again but I was already up off the couch and hurrying to the door. It was Julie, standing there on my dark porch in bare feet and a simple orange sun dress. She was gorgeous, I turned on the porch light. She was twisting on her heels slightly, hands behind her back, almost sheepish. "Hi! Ummmm... my TV broke and I really wanted to watch this, what are you up to?" she asked while looking at me expectantly. From behind her back she showed me what she was holding, it was the Blu-Ray of a movie called Chronicle – some film about superhuman teenagers. My brain wondered for a split second if her "TV" was really "broken" but then it decided to trash that train of thought altogether in favor of, "Nothing, really. Come on in!" "Cool, thanks!" she said, bouncing into my house. I followed her into the living room as she plopped down on the sofa. "Do you want anything to drink? I have some cranberry juice, or water... that's about it, really," I asked before sitting down like a good host. "Do you have any vodka to go with the cranberry juice?" she shot back. "Coming right up." I went to the kitchen and she jumped up and put her movie in. She had to stop the one that was playing to change the discs. "Were you watching something?" she called to me from the other room. "Yeah but it's okay I've already seen it." I came back in and handed over her drink (she immediately took a healthy sip) and sat on on the sofa. She scooted herself over and leaned up against me, craning her head up to look at me. "Is this okay?" she asked sincerely. "Yes," I replied... not really able to choke out much more for all of the adrenaline going through my system. The movie started and I wasn't watching it. My thoughts were focused on the girl laying against my right side. I could feel her body moving lightly with each breath. I relished the way she moved against me when she sat up to take a sip of her drink. I put my arm around her and slid it down her arm, touching her skin with mine for only the second time. She sighed almost inaudibly and cuddled into me in response. The movie played on and our drinks needed refreshing so I got up and went to the kitchen. She laid down on the couch while I was up, stretching out her lithe little body. I could watch her watch the movie as I filled cups with ice and juice. She was idly running her fingers over her stomach up and down, just touching herself comfortably. I never wanted her more, and that's saying a lot. When I came back to the living room she sat up so I could sit down, but then she laid back against me with her back so her legs were still stretched out on the couch. I slipped my arm back around her shoulders and she moved to allow it, but with the way she was facing now my hand came to rest on her thigh, right at the hem of her dress. I left it there, trying to act nonchalant about it, and she didn't seem to mind it. After a few minutes of not watching the movie, I started to move my hand a little, just lightly rubbing her thigh. Her dress rode up towards her hip as I did, exposing more skin. She sighed through her nose, I could feel it through her body more than I could hear it. She seemed to melt slightly, her body softening into mine. My fingers traced larger and larger patterns on her leg, coming closer to her hip each time. It was past the point of any pretense of platonic movie watching at this point, we were both silently admitting that we were turned on. I let my fingers dare farther up her thigh, seeking the hem of her panties... but there was just her hip, and then farther up, the silky and firm skin of her tummy. She wasn't wearing panties. In answer to my discovery, she pulled one of her knees up and rested it against the back of the couch. Her other foot slid off the couch to rest on the floor. I slid my hand across her hip and between her legs, all the way down, feeling the smoothly shaved lips of her pussy with my fingers on the way down and up. She gasped with a sharp inhalation as I did, still trying to act like she was watching the movie. I slid my hand down again, this time pressing between her lips with the tip of my middle finger. She was wet. I lightly rubbed the entrance to her pussy, eliciting a deep moan from her as she started moving her body against me rhythmically and sensually. I slid my hand back up and found her clit, lightly rubbing a circle around it with my wet finger. "Ohhhhh..." she moaned. Her eyes were closed now, mouth open slightly. One of her hands reached up behind her, gliding through the hair on the back of my head. My free hand went around the other side of her body, feeling her side through her dress as she squirmed with pleasure. I pulled her dress up and slid my hand underneath, my hunger for her driving it up to cup her breast firmly and insistently. "God, Dean..." she mumbled as both of my hands made love to her body. I have some experience when it comes to women, and without bragging I can safely say that I am a skilled lover. I hear other guys talking about "moves" and "techniques" and I have to laugh inside. Talk like that is for boys who don't know any better. The real way to please a woman is to listen to her body with your sense of touch. Listen to her breathing and how it changes when you do something. Watch what her face is doing when her eyes are closed. Every woman is different, and there is no trick to making them feel good except paying attention. I paid full attention to Julie. I listened to her breath when I pinched her nipple. She liked it... does she like it a little harder? Yes she does. I listened to her hips as I fingered her. She likes it shallow, just the fingertip. She also likes it very deep, and with two of my strong fingers inside of her I think I touched her in ways that the boys she's been with simply don't think about. I bent down and planted hungry kisses on her neck as she grew more intense. She was breathing hard now, and fucking my hand with her hips as I caressed the inside of her with my fingers. Her tight little pussy was just as breathtaking as the rest of her, I could feel it squeezing every inch of my fingers when I slid them in and out, it was the best I'd ever known. Her breathing deepened further and her pleasure was mounting. It was easy to tell that her orgasm was coming. I flexed both of my arms, pinning her against my body with the one across her chest and pushing hard into her with the one between her legs. She tensed and up her breathing caught in her throat. Her back arched against my body.... her orgasm was starting in a moment of quiet seizure, with only one tiny croak of her voice escaping, "Fuck..." was all she got out before her body began to convulse with ecstasy. She moaned loudly, full giving into and riding the immense orgasm she was experiencing. I could feel her muscles working in unison to orgasm, twisting and straining as it went. Slowly, she came down from the high and slid down on the couch further until her head was resting on my thigh and she was looking up at me. Her eyes fluttered between closed and open, and there was a relaxed and satisfied smile on her face. We stayed like that in silence for a moment and it was then that I realized the credits were rolling on the movie. "Thanks for having me over," she purred as she stretched. "Any time," I said, smiling back at her. She paused after her stretch and seemed to be lost in thought for a moment. She played with her dress, straightening it. "You know, usually the first time I cum it's just an appetizer for me. I need a second one," she said, avoiding looking at me by acting distracted by her dress. "Oh yeah?" I asked. If you hadn't noticed, I'm not very talkative at the best of times, and when I'm as horny as I was at that moment it can be hard to get any words out at all. "Yep. But, I have to go," she said and suddenly stood up from the couch. She patted my knee as I looked up at her from where I was sitting and started to trot lightly to the door. "Thanks again, Dean. I'm going to go home and treat myself to the main course," she said as she let herself out with a wink. 1FIIrvV luftwaffle99 1KVNtDL 1KVNtDL[1 comment]If you loved this short article and you would certainly such as to receive more facts regarding young nude vids kindly check out our own page.

My name is Vanita (22 years old) and my hobbies are Camping and Figure skating.

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