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Harriet Abby Winters Three Ways Cate Abby Winters Will Help You Get More Business

By: Shantell Sedgwick
For : Maggie and Gabriel Eastman AG
Date Added : October 14, 2015 Views : 64
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You can find Part One Here. So continuing the story about my relationship with the college intern that I worked with. Just to recap: Her name is Jamie and she is a 19 year old, 5’1, blue eyed, blonde, pale, sex machine with a super sexy midriff (toned but not diamond hard six pack) , and a great ass. Not to mention her Amazing C-cups with light pink nipples. They were incredible. I am karmen abby winters 24, 6’1, with brown hair, a little better than average looking, with an average build and a little longer than 7 inch dick. After the first night we hooked up the restaurant kicked into high gear for a banquet and we both worked double shifts for about 3 days. Leaving us with very little time to sleep, let alone bang. I dropped her off after the final banquets shift and we both agreed to go to sleep, wake up late, then meet up after breakfast at her place then bang for the entire 2 days we had off. I went home and passed out. I showed up at her place around 1 and knocked on the door. She answered the door wearing just a White t-shirt that barely reached her thighs. I said hi and stepped in. She shut the door and roughly pushed me up against it and started kissing me. She was really aggressive and I was too shocked to react. After I got my wits about me I grabbed her ass and started to lift her up so that I didn’t have to bend over to kiss her. She stopped kissing me immediately and pushed my hands away so that she was back on the floor. She grabbed my belt at the buckle and pulled me to the living room and shoved me on the couch. Then she undid my belt and pulled off my pants and boxers at the same time. She pulled off her shirt, tossed it on the floor and looked directly in the eyes for a second. Man she was hot, her perfect breasts, her hard nipples, her glistening shaved pussy, everything. Also in this moment I realized I had a ridiculously hard boner. She was all I could think about since we hooked up last. She abby winters wiki drove me wild just being near her at work. But that moment only lasted for an instant. She got on her knees spit on her hands and started sucking my cock like the world would end if I didn’t come in the next 2 minutes. She was using both of her hands on my shaft in a twisting motion and was sucking on as much would fit in her mouth. She was being really messy and it felt good, too good. Now remember how busy I was at work for the last 3 days. And how we didn’t abby winters main have time to bang. Well I sure as hell didn’t have time to masturbate, so I had 3 days worth of jizz in me and I wasn’t going to last long with this kind of treatment. But I was not gonna cum after 5 minutes again either damnit! I had to slow her down or find a way to last longer. "You should suck on my balls some." I said as I took off my shirt and threw it on the floor somewhere. She kindly obliged and started licking and sucking on my balls, but she kept stoking my shaft at 90 miles an hour. Shit this was not going to work. But damn it felt good. Then after a minute or so of that she switched back to sucking my dick. Fuck. I need a break, something, anything! I know! "Lie down I want to eat you out." I said "How about you shut up and fuck me." She counter offered. Fuck. She straddled me and slowly eased my cock into her while biting her lip and moaning. Man she was tight. She felt amazing. I was going to lose so hard. She finally had me all the way inside of her. I grabbed her hips and started guiding her up and down my length SLOWLY. Maybe I can do this after all. "You wish!" She laughed and grabbed my hands and held them against the couch by my shoulders and started riding me. Hard. Not the kind of riding that girls sometimes do where they grind on your lap. No. She was bouncing all the way up the length of my shaft and back down. You could hear her wet cunt slapping against me as she rode me for all I was worth. She was moaning too, loudly, very loudly. I forced one of my hands out from her grasp and grabbed one of her breasts. Shit I am going to come. Damnit. Then she stopped and fell forward landing with her lips against mine and started making out with me. She stopped. Thank God she stopped. She laughed and I looked at her quizzically. "I really wanted to make it to the bed this time" she said in between kisses. Anything to give me a break for a few moments, I thought. "Well let’s do it then" I said. I wrapped my arms under her knees and around her back and stood up. Going even deeper into her. She gasped and arched her back and made a face like I just split her in half. Which I very well might have. Then she bit my shoulder. Hard. I carried her like that across the room and down hallway to her bedroom. Each step I took bounced her down on my dick and each time she screamed through her teeth and bit down harder. I threw her on the bed and she laid there with her mouth open and a look of shock on her face. But the walk across the apartment along with the ridiculous bite on my shoulder was enough to get me back in the game, and now it was my turn. I rolled her over on her stomach and pulled password abby winters her hips up so I could fuck her doggy style. "Wait…I don’t think I can…OH GOD!" She moaned as I pushed into her and started pounding her like she was riding me earlier. She put one hand against her mouth to try to muffle the noises she was making as I fucked her and she was desperately grasping for a pillow with the other hand. I kept pounding her for a few thrusts then tossed her the pillow she was reaching for. She immediately shoved her face into it and started screaming. I started fucking her harder and felt her coming on my dick. It felt amazing, and watching her amazing ass getting railed by my dick that could barely fit in her was enough to tip me over the edge. I pulled out my dick, pulled her by her hips so she spun around and fell off the bed so that she was sitting on the floor facing me and I came on her still gasping face. After 3 days without masturbating, and after edging for that long it was one hell of an orgasm. The first rope landed right in her mouth and on her chin, the next 3 landed on her neck and chest. Then she reached up and took over stroking my cock. The next rope hit her on the right cheek as she leaned forward and took the rest of my load in her mouth. She swallowed and kept sucking on me for a little while. Then she leaned back and looked at me with her amazing blue eyes, cum dripping off of her face and tits. "Holy shit that was awesome. Do you always come this much? Fuck I can’t even move. Go get a towel or something!" "Not even close, you’re just lucky" I said. I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. We took a shower together and fucked a lot more during the rest of our 2 days off. Which I will tell you about another time if you want. I have some other good stories about her that I am thinking about writing down also. Let me know what you think, and please tell me if there is anything I can do to improve my writing for you. barakobooby

My name's Maggie Eastman but everybody calls me Maggie. I'm from Denmark. I'm studying at the high school (final year) and I play the Clarinet for 8 years. Usually I choose songs from my famous films :D. I have two brothers. I love Scrapbooking, watching movies and Knapping.

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