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Florida Green Energy Specialist Launches A Free Home Energy Evaluation Program

By: ateeq Hurskainen
For : My Energy Geek
Date Added : October 11, 2016 Views : 61
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My Energy Geek is an expert energy consultation company that has been in the renewable energy business in Orlando since 1999. The company is a renowned advocate for residential solar energy adoption in its home state of Florida. The newly launched home energy evaluation program is a joint effort between the company and Rinaldi’s Energy Services, another Orlando company which specializes in air conditioning systems. My Energy Geek and Rinaldi’s Energy Services are offering a free home energy evaluation program. According to the companies' web published program details, each free offer is valued at $399 and is "designed to show you how you can lower your utility costs by up to 70%!" Interested clients are required to fill in and submit/send a form that is featured on the companies' websites. The client must include his/her full name, email address and phone number in the spaces provided before submitting the form — a personal comment or message may also be included. Despite the fact that the same program is featured and described in both companies' websites, different eligibility conditions are defined in each website. According to My Energy Geek, the offer is for the first 20 clients to submit the form. Similiarly, Rinaldi’s Energy Services describes the program as a "limited time" and "one-time" offer. The free home energy evaluation program entails a visit by a professional home energy evaluator from My Energy Geek. The evaluator, who is suitably referred to as the "Energy Geek," will assess the client's home energy consumption habits focusing on major energy (and hence money) loss areas. The focal points of interest include the heating and cooling (AC) unit, hot water system, and other vital power loss installations like windows, doors, outlets, and light bulbs. After the evaluation, the Energy Geek will then compile and present the client with a detailed report featuring recommendations "designed to help you lower or eliminate your power bill!"More information and details can be found at According to the company's website, My Energy Geek values teamwork and the development of long-term relationships with other like-minded business partners. Over the years, the company has partnered with many companies that provide green products and services in Florida. Expectedly, this is how the free home energy evaluation program was conceived. In a befitting move, the company has partnered with another energy oriented company in Florida, Rinaldi’s Energy Services, to offer this unique offer to its customers. Rinaldi’s Energy Services is an Orlando-based company that specializes in the system design, installation and service of air conditioning systems. Having been in the AC business for more than 40 years, this company offers all types of AC services including routine maintenance, repairs and replacement in many service areas in Florida. Contact: My Energy Geek Address: 3218 East Colonial Drive, Suite G, Orlando, FL 32803 Phone: (407) 901-5001 Email: Website:

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