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Coffee Panda Introduces Its Latest Cold Brew Coffee Maker

By: sdsd SDsdsd
For : Coffee Panda
Date Added : January 30, 2017 Views : 77
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Get ready as Coffee Panda elevates the coffee experience with its latest offer – The Cold Brew Coffee Maker . Coffee addicts will love the product as it brings a completely new coffee maker option. Founded by husband-wife team, Justin and Amanda Landsman, Coffee Panda took the coffee industry by storm. They travel together to explore and discover unique coffee cultures in different parts of the world. Their love for exploring cafes inspired them to study the most effective brewing methods. Since then, they have been striving to acquire the best coffee brewing techniques to introduce to coffee lovers worldwide. Coffee Panda’s mission is to create products that are both widely available and easy to use. The Cold Brew Coffee Maker is made of thick, borosilicate glass with an extra large capacity of 1300ml. The cold brewing system produces a richer, smoother and healthier coffee concentrate. Made from high quality, BPA-free materials, the brewer is an extremely durable and environmentally friendly product. The Cold Brew Coffee Maker also pays for itself in a matter of weeks, as visiting the local café for an expensive cold brew coffee is now a thing of the past. Join other early adapters who have so far been incredibly satisfied with the product. Most are thrilled that they no longer spend time waiting in long lines at cafes for that delicious cup of cold brew. They can now enjoy it in the comfort of their own home. For those with sensitive stomachs, the brewer is highly effective at brewing less acidic coffee – a wonderful health benefit. It’s time for coffee lovers to purchase The Cold Brew Coffee Maker . The product is already changing coffee lifestyles around the globe. Visit to purchase The Cold Brew Coffee Maker. For more information, please visit the following sites: Amazon Listing: Facebook: Instagram: Contact: Justin and Amanda Landsman Company: Coffee Panda Address: Santa Monica, CA Phone: +1 (480) 227-4414 E-Mail: Website:

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