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Affiliate Marketing Workshops Offering Online Moneymaking Marketing Strategies

By: Gabrielle Balser
For : Lavern and Earl Medley KG
Date Added : October 8, 2015 Views : 117
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Businessman David Perdew, founder of NAMS: Niche Affiliate Marketing System, started his business being a training program for online marketing. Today, David and his awesome wife, Charlsa, have both an online affiliate marketing membership website plus a successful live three-day workshop series that they can host twice a year in Atlanta,GA.David explained how he built his business for the substantial internet affiliate marketing training portal and membership site. He started small, and kept adding training content. Today, with the site members get access to more than 900 hours of audio and video training content.David also is able to build organizations as well as an integrity-based community of like-minded instructors and entrepreneurs. The proof that his style is worthy of attention originates from the growing following she has gained for his live workshops where online business owners come to learn how to become more effective, efficient, successful , and also to get more professional industry guidance and education via hands-on , experiential workshops.The goal is made for attendees to take pleasure from attending NAMS so much that they can register to attend the next NAMS before they leave and,once they leave this workshop, they are going home having improved some skills , made some new contacts and even joint venture partnerships with fellow NAMS attendees.One from the Perdew's event success strategies includes requesting constant feedback from workshop attendees.David and Charlsa require feedback about the event, the sessions, the topics, the speakers, and the venue so they really know how they do and can adjust as appropriate. In fact, David hosts contests and awards prizes through the entire workshop for attendee participation and feedback.The live three-day workshops also pass by the initials NAMS in their case, the NAMS stands for Novice to Advanced and the system David presents is made for attendees to self-select where they would like to participate.Courses at the workshop are designated an even from 100 to 400, where 100 may be the beginner level and 400 , the advanced programs. The attendees determine which sessions to participate in in through the entire three days plus they do so in line with the level believe that matches their skills, their company, and even because they would like to hear a specific instructor's lessons. To be sure that attendees haven't missed a session they need to hear, David makes certain there's an audio series available to buy from each event at an affordable price.When about 500 members of the site attend the live workshops they may be guided by the staff of instructors -about 60 instructors conduct these workshops and in most cases a half endless weeks of frustration or more present the key keynote sessions on the three-day event.The emphasis we have been told by the Perdews was on people learning , networking, using a sense of community with fellow online marketers and online business owners. David wants attendees to feel at home and to benefit from attending each workshop. David believes that people should be able to find out at their unique pace and also afford to receive the education they want.As a reason to return for the next workshop, attendees were offered a brilliant low workshop fee.When the attendees were polled in the NAMS10 event in August and very high percentage with the members ended up regular attendees of such workshops. David is clear regarding the benefits of having repeat customers and building referrals.The next workshop will probably be NAMS11 and it's also scheduled for Feb 7-9, 2014. The line-up of Keynoters for this event was announced and celebrated which has a Google+Hangout soon hosted by website marketing expert, Alex Mandossian.During the Google+Hangout Alex welcomed David Perdew and 12 with the upcoming NAMS11 instructors and they also each shared web marketing success tips. It was a four hour Google+Hangout that was designed to provide high-content to any or all those who participated.Keynoters announced for NAMS11 include NY Times Best-Selling Author Joel Comm; world-class copywriting expert: Ray Edwards, Best-Selling Author/Speaker:Kathleen Gage; JV expert: Ken McArthur; and Jason Fladien along with his $3million sales of Rapid Crush. Of course, all speakers are subject to change, but this may be the latest line-up we've received.David Perdew is specialized in helping people become successful by having systems and step-by-step instructions to assist guide these to their online business success. If you ask David what his title and job function includes he'll show you he's CEO and Chief Architect of NAMS . David produces in this business his extensive experience with getting work done and in organizing large multi-million dollar projects.Some might suppose that David and Charlsa's calm arises from the time they spend of their log cabin on 95 acres in Northern Alabama where they've got four streams on the property, a 60ft. waterfall, two dogs, and a cat.To understand some in the systems and tools David has for the business owners who join his membership site he'll show you about his process for utilizing Big Ideas. He's got six steps he teaches his members which are made to help them be profitable. This blueprint also helps his members to construct the life they want.David's business way to included his many years in the newspaper industry in positions from journalist to editor and publisher so that as owner of a regular photo company that she sold to your British Company after he had 150 photographers fully briefed and 300,000 imagesWhat makes all the Nams ( Novice to Advanced ) workshops quite popular is that the 3-day format features hands-on problem-solving experiences to the participants and one-on-one instruction led by caring instructors who operate from a quantity of high integrity.The NAMS workshop attendees can select their very own schedule of workshop offerings that happen to be scheduled in a single of four levels.At the NAMS10 event, David stood a roster of greater than 60 instructors. The instructors and topics covered areas of Internet security to How to Choose Affiliate Software and finest practices concerning how to get paid using merchant accounts hosted by Power Pay.Audience members were amazed with the opening session about Internet Security in which Michael Schultz and Regina Smola and Christine Cobb explained how fast and easily sites may be hacked, passwords stolen, and how companies have to take measures to protect their businesses.Felicia Slattery hosted her sessions concerning how to make money speaking. She has years of experience of helping visitors to craft their speeches and in addition had great advice for people that needed to re-fresh topics or create new platforms.Kristen White, an experienced television anchor and author shared strategies for approaching the media as well as being a good show guest. Connie Ragen Green hosted sessions on Affiliate Marketing tips. Kristen Eckstein shared tricks for book publishing including using platforms for example Kindle.Paul Taubman taught sessions on using WordPress like a blogging platform, Lou Bartone's topic was "Easy Video Techniques." Tony Laidig demonstrated learning to make book trailers using video and Karon Thackston took time to aid attendees with landing pages and SEO.Daniel Hall held sessions on "How to Get Things Done" as well as the best practice of accomplishing at least one money-making activity daily. Daniel Hall, previously an Attorney as well as a nurse, was great at teaching people how to close sales.Jeff Herring taught sessions on content creation and article promotion and Keynoter, Ray Edwards, a market leader on paper copy. He gave tips on creating copy that sells.Nicole Dean centered on teaching participants how you can create their special gifts. Preparing attendees to comprehend that business has legal issues was Attorney Chip Cooper. With NAMS10 are now living in Atlanta, the group benefited by keynote session hosted by local CEO of Business Oxygen, David Asarnow.Dr. Ellen Britt demonstrated how she engages her clients using social networking and Laura West used art and creativity to instruct her groups. The attendees have reached NAMS to leave with more skills compared to they came with to satisfy other companies for networking and socializing also to know that they are not alone inside their efforts and desires to succeed online. There are individuals that are working on their own businesses and NAMS is really a supportive community.What makes them workshops popular could be the simplicity and also the structure. The NAMS( novice to advanced) workshop classes are divided into four levels.Nams100 classes are for that beginners. The goal of these sessions is to help you the participants( businesses) start to make sales online.Nams200 has workshops built to help participants discover ways to build e-mail lists, the best way to drive traffic to their websites, and how to continue building for the sales-making skills.At the NAMS300 workshop program level the goal would be to make more sales, to find systems which will allow the business owner to produce more efficient us of his / her time and also to add systems for effectiveness including systems that could automate various functions.The NAMS400 workshops are for those business owners who need to learn more advanced skills like creation of assets, learning business exit strategies, understanding how to have not just a sustainable business but additionally to plan to get a valuable future.David Perdew shared some of the latest statistics about the MyNams membership site with attendees at the NAMS10 event:"85% percent with the NAMS Membership ends 45 years of age . The Nams members are real business people who're making business decisions about the business models they will use of their businesses. "David continued,"In fact, 65% in our NAMS members are women. There are hundreds of people here because of this workshop to figure out how to have successful online businesses. NAMS is for people who are serious about developing a successful online business and who want to learn the best-practices. "For more information go toIn case you liked this information and you desire to get details with regards to cb passive income pdf i implore you to pay a visit to the internet site.

My name is Lavern (32 years old) and my hobbies are Fishing and Meteorology.

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