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Ace Blogger Ikeji Linda Reveals Her Perfect Man

By: King McEncroe
For : Mora and Raleigh Sexton KG
Date Added : October 23, 2015 Views : 105817
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Much has been written about Nigerian's most famous blogger Linda Ikeji, this last Monday was a memorable opportunity for your own dialogue together with the well-known blogger in the formal and informal media, I took a deliberate swipe on her on personal issues. I am comfortable and most happy, I could not be so until I pushed out every word in a covert kind of interview from her. It was for me the most revealing dialog recorded, we had a long chat as my midget captured every dots of the J and every tittle leaving no stone unturned.A lot of your devotees and readers were quite disappointed by your Mark Zuckerberg article last week. It made you seem shallow and very materialistic. What happened?Linda: I had been trying to be comical but people did not get the joke (laughs). The last Monday did not know people would take me that and literally. I clown a great deal. Occasionally I write things perhaps to make people laugh or just to get reaction. President Obama, Jackie Chan and Mark Zuckerberg. In that specific sequence. Mark is someone and I truly admire his simplicity. Remember Mr Scrooge? And that was why I put that post up. However, I guess I didn't put my point across very well, so I came out seeming shallow and materialistic. Myself had been just attempting to be comical and sarcastic at exactly the same time considering how much money Mark has. There are several other billionaires who have mansions, private jets and million dollar yachts, it is how they chose to spend their cash. Mark obviously is not concerned about such things and its admirable.So you are not materialist?Linda: (laughs) No, I'm not! You must begin to see the notebook I am using to blog. There's so much myself do not really care about. Materialism is when you can not discern between your desire and your need. When cash/material things is your driving force. That's not who I'm. Like myself always say, I'll never sleep using a guy for money, date a guy for the money or marry a man for the money. Myself do not function on that level because I don't understand it. I believe in work, I believe in dignity of labour, and I believe the most effective kind of cash to have is your own personal cash. Myself also consider that cash should not be the only reason you do anything. That I spend the cash God has blessed me with doesn't make me materialistic. It's written that individuals should enjoy their labour's good because its a gift from God. Where you could manage to live well, please if you get to some point in your lifetime live nicely, as you may just live once. Only have enough that you should live a good life. Myself met with a girl who told me her bag was worth $12 thousand dollars. Myself looked at her like' ch you insane?' but she said to me, Linda Ikeji I've been working for 27 years, I work hard for my money and I am going to spend it on whatever makes me joyful. At this time myself can not imagine it, but who am I to judge the woman or say she is materialistic? That is fine if that is what she really wants to utilize her cash for. It is her cash.But do not you believe there is a $12,000 bag excessive?To some folks maybe because they can not afford it but not for someone who has the cash. What do you work hard for? Whatever that possibly. We are blessed by God for two motives; to be able to look after ourselves and take good care. The shoes, hair, phones I have are largely freebies from advertisers on my blog. But if I tell you the things I am doing for folks, you'd think I'm just using this interview to show off, which I am by the way (laughs). I am the same man financing the release of two prison inmates. Certainly one of them I already discussed on my site, another one I'm not permitted to talk about until we get to your point in the event. People's priorities are very different. Whatever they would like to do with their money is their company.So money does not freak you? You seem to talk a great deal about it. You mentioned once that money is pursuing you(Laughs) Yes I did, but I was only attempting to make a point. Once I was running my magazine I used to go to a telecoms firm begging them for adverts. They gave no attention to me. Occasionally I might not really go pass their reception. But they will be the ones pursuing myself to advertise on my website. Occasionally myself do shakara sef. (laughs). It does not freak me although I am happy I've money. However, the thing is; is a Variety being bought by me because I need it or because I wish to show people I am making money? I am able to live on the Isle but I reside at home with my parents in Surulere. I get plenty of flak for still living at home but who cares? Sometimes you need to discover a balance between people's expectations of you and your own expectations.Okay what about all of this chat about you desperately looking for a man? Have you been actually distressed?I'm hunting for love, urgently. (laughs). I always laugh when I say 'distressed' because people confuse. People do not know whether to take me seriously or not.Perhaps. Or perhaps myself only say it for the shock value (laughs). But I'm seriously seeking.What exactly have you been searching for?Myself'm searching for a person who gets my breath away. Love I believe is the best gift God gave us humans and I am not going until I find it to settle down. I'm not single because guys aren't coming. In fact myself have more toasters now than before. Some guys believe I have money so that they likely need some (laughs). But I've not found anyone that makes me want to give up my single status. Until then I am happily Ms Ikeji.You are pretty, young and successful. Exactly why could it be difficult to find a husband?Some people don't get it. There are plenty of available men for women to wed. But there's a difference between marrying a man who's accessible and marrying the guy of your dreams. I'd if myself needed to be married now. Myself have a couple of alternatives. But would myself be married to the man of my fantasies? No! So I'm merely waiting to meet with him. I need a guy I'm happy to come home to. Someone myself miss when I'm not around him. Someone I love to the very heart of my spirit. I hear some women talk regarding their husbands and I shudder. I believe lots of men and women marry for the wrong motives nowadays. Myself'd rather be single than be wed to someone I do not adore. I'm going to live once and I intend to live it right.What's your definition of a great man?For Linda any man who respects women, regards individuals, considerate, kind, free spirited, funny, encouraging and has principles. Additionally a guy using work. A jobless man was almost dated by me last year. Cute guy and all, but no cash (laughs). At first when I had to begin purchasing the jobless man shaving stick I didn't mind I understood there was wahala. I took off. Myself did not take off because he had no cash, I took off because I did not see any potential and he seemed more than happy to be always asking me for cash. That says a great deal about a guy's character. A man that is dependent may be a real turn off. Subsequently we'll be fine.So you do not believe in giving money to men?The last Monday saw and I said I wish I experienced a guy to buy this for. But myself will not be purchasing it because he can not afford it himself but because it's a keepsake of my love. The last Monday will definitely support my man financially. Myself've saved cash for the very best kitchen in the world (laughs). I think every girl should support their guys in every way they can, although not when the duty is yours 100%. Those are two things that are different. You do not have to have as much cash as myself have but at least don't desire me to purchase you recharge cards and sticks that are shaving (laughs).What if you meet with a man who wants one to stop blogging? Can you stop?Truly, no. I will not even get involved with a man who tries to stop me from living or attaining my fantasies. One day this life will be over, so while I have it, I shall live it the way I would like to not the way someone else needs me to or believes I should. Myself met with a guy in 2009 who desired to marry me but to the condition that I will stop my modeling and events business. He said he'd get myself a job at the UN office in Britain. If you need to wed a girl that works in the UN The last Monday said to him why do not you proceed to the UN office building and find a wife there? I met with another man in 2010 who needed me to be a house wife. He said myself will give N200 thousand a month to you for the upkeep. I said how about you go to your own village to search for a housewife. A 21st century girl loves to work. I tries to cut on your wings or believe the worst kind of man to end up with is a man who does not support your vision. You will be turned by him to nothing. Occasionally I believe risky men are not better than men that are deceiving.

I am known as Linda Ikeji and I come from Nkwerre in Imo. I am a Nigerian blogger who runs the blog which specializes in fashion & lifestyle. I am 35 years old and I have never...never ever in my life slept with a guy for money. I'm writer, a Nigerian blogger, model and entrepreneur who's best known for my media contributions and my controversial publications to the development of the Nigerian Entertainment industry. I had part time jobs as a server, model and writ

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Chaas , 2016-01-16 15:33:45
Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L-I---R-N-E-NAG!

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